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Welcome to the TextCraft Wiki![edit]

This is a repository for everything you need to know about the game TextCraft: Alpha Island.

Spoiler-Free Strategy Guide The place to go if you want to learn the game but would like to discover things for yourself.
Commands A detailed explanation of all commands (no spoilers).
Things To Do Some fun puzzles to try to figure out (no spoilers).
About The Tech A little taste of how it all works (no spoilers).
Alpha Island Wiki WARNING: this wiki contains spoilers! It's expected that you can figure out how to beat the game without the wiki. But if you're stuck, curious, or already beat the game, there's no shame in reading the wiki!
Walkthrough If you're an IFComp judge who wants to get through more of the game in the allotted two hours or If you're more interested in the story than the puzzles.