An Introduction To Powis Parker Fastback Binding Machines

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Have you ever seen a document bound with Fastback? Documents bound with this type of binding usually have a colored strip along the spine that glues the cover and the pages in place. These colored strips are available in a number of different lengths and sizes to fit a huge variety of document types. Documents bound with this style have lay flat properties, do not require any punching and allow you to use your own custom printed covers. However, Fastback binding requires a Powis Parker binding machine. This article is designed to provide a quick introduction to the three machines that are available on the market.

1. The Powis Parker 8x is the most affordable binding machine that is available. The 8x retails for about $2000 and uses a special type of binding strip called the LX strip. LX strips are available in two widths (narrow and medium). Narrow LX are designed for binding documents that are up to 1/2" thick (125 pages). Medium LX strips are designed for binding documents that are up to 1" Thick (250 pages). LX are available in a number of colors including Black, Dark Gray, White, Dark Blue, Bright Blue, Purple, Jade Green, Dark Green, Red, Maroon, and Yellow. Composition strips have the look and feel of leatherette and match Powis Compositions covers. Several specialty strips are also available for the 8x including Perfectback Lay Flat and Pressure Sensitive Strips as well as Photo Pro Strips for use with the Studio Photobook System.

2. The Fast Back Model 11 is designed for higher volume users than the 8x and retails for approximately $3400. The Model 11 is ideal for users who need a more durable machine than the Fastback 8x but don't want to spend the extra money on the Fastback 15xs. It is only designed for use with Narrow strips for documents up to 1/2" thick (125 pages). The most common used with the Model eleven are Super Strips. Super Strips are available in sixteen different colors including: Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, White, Dark Blue, Bright Blue, Teal, Lapis, Purple, Jade Green, Dark Green, Red, Maroon, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Yellow.

3. The Fast back 15xs is capable of binding documents using Narrow, Medium and Wide Strips. Narrow are designed for binding documents up to 1/2" thick. Medium strips are designed for documents up to 1" thick and Wide are designed for documents up to 1-1/2" thick. The 15xs is capable of using Super (available in 16 colors), Composition (available in 7 colors), CP, Perfectback and Speed Strips. The 15xs is faster than the Model 11 or the 8x and is incredibly versatile allowing the user to do short run perfect binding, and bind documents that are legal sized (both the 8x and Model 11 are only capable of binding documents up to 11" in length). The Fastback 15xs retails for approximately $5200 and is the workhorse of the Powis Parker line of binding machines.

In addition to these three binding machines, Powis Parker also makes a number of support products for the Fastback binding line including their Powis Printer, Foilfast Printer, Hard Cover Guide, Stitcher and a Scoring Device.